On the instructional efficacy of Education2020
Since 1998, Education2020 (e2020) has successfully deployed online classroom programs in various settings to a wide range of middle and high school students.

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Highland Park Career Academy, Wayne County, MI
Based on the program’s success, the Highland Park school system implemented e2020 into their own pilot program for 107 students seeking to recover course credits through the Highland Park Career Academy (HPCA).

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Bibb County, Macon, GA | Solution: Homebound

"What's different and special about these homebound students is the benefit they will get from having state-of-the-art e2020 instead of books, handouts and a lot of waiting for assignments to get back. Your system is making an important difference in the lives of these homebound students."
- Letter from Bibb County School District

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Gainsville High School, Gainsville, GA | Solution: Graduation Test Prep

"e2020 has opened opportunities for students to overcome self-doubt, personal circumstances, and academic struggles. It has created new beginnings and unique methods of learning for ALL students to succeed."
- Tonya Aiken, Credit Recovery Specialist

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Los Lunas High School, Los Lunas, NM | Solution: Dropout Prevention

"Thanks to this program, I am a whole different person now. I look forward to school and once again believe I can accomplish any goals I set for myself. I am now planning on going to college. Had it not been for e2020, I would not be the person I am today and wouldn't have all the hopes and dreams for my future that I have now."
- Rachel, Senior at Los Lunas

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Read a case study brief for the following locations:

  • Case Study 1: Core Curriculum, NM
  • Case Study 2: Intensive Intervention / Credit Recovery, MI
  • Case Study 3: Credit Recovery in a Large Urban District, TX
  • Case Study 4: Summer School, HI

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