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Manage data. Monitor progress. See results.

Access your web-based data in just a few clicks. In moments you can have a big picture of school-wide or class progress or drill down to individual student achievement. The e2020 management system allows offers a variety of reporting options such as:


  • Identify challenging assessment items by viewing time spent on specific items.
  • Generate grade-to-date reports.
  • Monitor achievement at the assignment level.
  • Identify what students are struggling with by drilling down to every attempt on an activity.
  • Run an Objective Analysis report.


  • Identify students at risk of falling behind.
  • View course progress, what has been accomplished and what is left to master.
  • Receive individual student progress alerts prior to assessments.
  • Automatically email progress reports to parents.
  • Identify individual and whole class success.

Student Records

  • Automate attendance.
  • Verify each student's activity in a course.
  • Provide real-time feedback.
  • Personalize student records.
  • Determine activity levels and idle time within a session.

Customized instruction for an individualized approach.

Set preferences to fit the needs of your students. In just a few clicks you can customize courses, manage tests, access data, and more!

Management System Customization

The easy-to-use management system offers access to tools that enable you to manage students, pull administrative reports and access support on demand. Administrators have a variety of customizable options, such as:
  • Course and lesson options and settings
  • Assessment options and settings
  • Assigned courses by groups
  • Individual student assignments to meet IEP and 504 plans
  • Access level and limitation controls
  • On-demand reports

Scope and Sequence Customization

The Scope and Sequence Customization option offers a unique service to your district. Rather than using an "off-the-shelf" course, we can customize courses to your district's scope and sequence and curriculum calendar.

Professional Development Services

We are dedicated to helping you serve your students. If you have specific questions about how our customizable features fit your needs, our Professional Development Services team will support you every step of the way.

Speak the same language.

As a second language, English is one of the most difficult to learn. Fortunately, technology helps make content accessible to all students where they can have text translated for them, in either English or a variety of other languages.

Languages available:

French, German, Spanish

Web Reader Features and Benefits

  • On-demand text reader. Students can select the text they want read aloud, and have it repeated or spelled out. Students can even choose to stop the reading of a selected segment and continue reading on their own.
  • Learning in their own language. In case you don't have a multi-lingual teacher in every classroom, you can offer courses that translate text and read audio in the student's native language.
  • Customizable Settings. Students set preferences based on their own needs. In just a few clicks, they can adjust the voice, rate of speech, display and more.
  • An added value. The Web Reader is included in the e2020 courseware so there is no additional software to purchase, nothing to install and no compatibility requirements to worry about.